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We strive for innovation

We are introducing within the market, products that are leading and innovative system, allowing for vastly improved efficiencies and unparalleled flexibility for our customers in terms of the level of services that those products can offer.


The all-in-one hand washing stations allow a proper and comfortable hand wash with 90% less water and up to 60% less soap

How does it work?

1. Soaping

An electronic sensor starts the washing cycle. At first a soft and optimally dosed soapwater-air mix is dispensed. No pre-wetting is needed.


2. Rinsing

The programmable pause enables a defined scrubbing time. The soap-foam is rinsed off easily with the water-air mix.


3. Drying

To dry hands paper is provided at the end of each hand washing cycle. The paper can be taken manually or it can be dispensed automatically depending on the chosen product option.